Agile platform for financial research

Easily explore and analyze data in Python. Rapidly prototype, test, iterate, then systemize. Get your most sophisticated ideas to market faster.

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// RapidQuant is leverage for your ideas

  • High-productivity language

    The popular Python programming language allows you to turn your ideas into code in a fraction of the time.

  • High-productivity environment

    An interactive shell and notebook increases your productivity with syntax highlighting, code completion, and much more.

  • Time-saving data manipulations

    Powerful data structures interface with multiple sources, making it easy to prepare data for analysis.

  • Comprehensive financial analytics

    Robust frameworks for factor transformations, risk analysis, backtesting, performance analysis & attribution, and more.

  • Built on open source

    Many features are independently developed and peer reviewed, for unparalleled stability, reliability, and auditability.

  • Embeddable in applications

    Built for performance, the analytics libraries are ready to deploy with production servers and distributed applications.

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